Building a Personal Brand Masterclass

In a sea of experts there in only one way to stand out in the crowd and that is to be authentically you. Personal Branding is a key component in ensuring that your band will outlast fads and trends. This masterclass is designed for entrepreneurs who have many passions and are not sure how to brand all of their passions and abilities. It is said that we need at least 7 streams of income to build a strong financial foundation. But who really has time to build our 7 separated companies?  If you are a  Coach Entrepreneur  Master Teacher Speaker  Author or have a corporate career with a side hustle, then this is the master class for you. My name is Monica Wisdom Tyson and I am your teacher for the next hour and not only do I have 30 years of experience in the beauty industry and a stylist and educator for some of the top brands around the globe but I have also worked in the music and publishing industry during my career.  I know what it is like to have multi passions in a world that tells you to focus on one career until you retire. I believe that life is an adventure and apart of that adventure is exploring everything that interests you. Why not make money doing it? If you are ready to learn I am ready to teach you. Of course I can not guarantee that you will be a billionaire with this info but I will say that you will be better informed of how to formulate your personal brand. But it is all up to you and the work you're are willing to put in.  Now watch, take notes and implement!  Monica Wisdom,  Master Strategist
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