6 ways to monetize your story(Free) by Monica Wisdom

6 ways to monetize your story(Free)

Are you ready to Rock your story?

We all have a story to share!

Our story is our superpower.  Sharing it  has the power to heal and transform your life and inspire others. People express their stories in many ways from writing a song to crafting a book. 

No matter how you share your story know that it is also possible to make a living and create business from your story. 

I created this guide because when I began writing I did it for the love of the process. I had no idea that money could be made doing it. And although my words have been read by millions across the world, which is great, none of those millions of readers turned into income. 

I created this guide for people just like who had no idea that their stories could be monetized as well as inspire. 6 Ways to monetize your Story is just a few of the ways you can make money doing something you love. 

And just for signing up for my email list it is my gift to you. This information goes deeper in my Power Story Formula Intensive. But I want everyone to learn from my mistakes and make a living from sharing their gifts with the world. 

You are ready to live your best life, 
Monica Wisdom 
Founder and Creator, The Power Story Formula


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6 Ways to Monetize your Story

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Your story is your superpower.

It's the key to your personal freedom and authentic expression.